Endless Flexibility

SugarCRM platform capabilities allow administrators and developers to create powerful business processes quickly and easily. Define, control and modify layouts using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Simple yet powerful workflow tools give users the ability to create and enforce business rules.

Homepage Layout

SugarCRM gives end users control over what information they see on their screens.

Using drag-and-drop capabilities, users can change the layout of their homepage, hide unused dashlets, or create new dashlets reflecting information important to them. CRM becomes a little less staid and a little more like a modern web 2.0 page.

Positive Impacts
  • Configure homepage to display only information relevant to your job
  • Create multiple dashlets based on SugarCRM modules or outside data sources
  • Edit the information display of any dashlet

Team Management

SugarCRM Team Management allows companies to create and manage teams based on job type, division, geography or other attributes. Once roles are assigned, administrators can assign access rights to a given role to ensure team members have access. Team Management ensures more effective information sharing and better information about team performance.

Positive Impacts
  • Define teams based on company and customer needs.
  • Assign leads to teams based on expertise and existing relationships.
  • Analyze how teams are working together and identify potential gaps in performance.
Moreover: Language Support for international Teams / Collboration

SugarCRM supports over 70 languages that can be installed and used to display the system in foreign languages.

Workflow Management

SugarCRM Workflow management streamlines critical business processes within your organization. Using implemented templates, administrators can create custom business processes based on your data. Users can also define alerts, actions, and triggers to become more responsive to customer demands.

Positive Impacts
  • Standardize business processes across the organization
  • Create custom business processes based on unique company needs
  • Define alerts, triggers, and actions to ensure follow-through

Interested in SugarCRM?

For a direct view insight: The following links leads to our SugarCRM CE Demo site. There you will get a first clue, how this CRM will help you to improve you business and its processes. Use one of the public user accounts.

  • jim / jim
  • sarah / sarah
  • will / will

SugarCRM CE Demo Site


This is free trial system populated with default datasets. Please be aware of the demonstration intention of that application. We will reset the given data form time to time and remove unwanted information!


SugarCRM is the right solution for your business and you want to get more details on it? Visit SugarCRM Plattform for more information. You can also contact us, if you wish direct consultation.